Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit the deceased and pay my last respects?

Yes. If you wish to visit our private chapel, please ring and inform us when you would like to come and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Can the deceased be brought home?

Yes. We can bring the deceased home on either the evening before the service or on the morning of the service so that the deceased may leave from home.

How many people can be seated in the limousine?

In each limousine there is room for six people in the rear compartment and room for one in the front with the chauffeur.

Can the family carry the coffin?

Yes, although we ask that you discuss this with us to ensure that it is safe to do so.

How will I know who attended the funeral?

A list of mourners who attended the funeral can be written in a memorial book at the service.

What can I do with the ashes?

You can place them in the garden of remembrance but this wouldn’t allow you to have a headstone.
You may wish to have a grave just for the purpose of interring the ashes.
This allows you to have a headstone and have other members of the family buried there in the future.
You can keep them at home in a special urn or memorial or alternatively you may scatter them in a sentimental place.

How soon after the funeral can a headstone be put on a grave?

If the grave is earth then it will take six months before the ground is firm enough to place the weight of a headstone.
If the grave is bricked inside then it does not take as long.